Resources, Support and Connection
for the Parenting Journey

Aspen Family Connections is a family resource center,  created to connect all Pitkin County children, youth and families with a wide range of community resources.  Whether you need economic assistance and benefits, academic and extra-curricular support, social/emotional and mental health counseling, legal advice and mediation, summer activities – or anything else – we’re here to help you find and access it. We also provide lots of classes and events to help families stay informed about parenting topics and in touch with each other. We work closely with many other community partners to support families in whatever way they need,  to help them achieve their goals, and overcome  challenges and barriers. AFC is here to support and advocate for all families, at no charge, in a spirit of warmth, inclusion, confidentiality and without judgement.


“It seems that every time the community has a need, AFC is right there…making a difference.” ~ASD parent of 3 children


Aspen Family Connections provides resource videos, presentations and links to help inform parents.

Covid-19 Resources

Personal Financial First Aid

Avoiding the Summer Slump

Mobile Apps… What Parents Need to Know!

Harnessing Happiness

You Got This Summer 2020 Parenting Series

Executive Functioning

Social Media

Protecting Your Child From Sexual Assault and Abuse

Vaping Facts

Helping Teens Make Smart Choices

Internet 101


Aspen Family Connections offers these FREE services

Case Management
If you want longer-term support, our expert team is there to help

Connection to Resources
We have access and connections to many local resources – and if you need something more, we are dedicated to helping you find it.

Workshops and Prevention Activities
Throughout the year, we provide a wide variety of training events, workshops and parent support gatherings, at no cost

Work with any family in Pitkin County with children 0-18
We are here for ALL families regardless of financial means, cultural background, language or need

Mental Health
We  make referrals to many providers with different areas of specialization, and help access funding for mental health supports, both for children and adults

After school and summer activities
Busy children are flourishing children – we help find ways for families to keep their children active and stimulated

Team Approach
We build a team of  support around families, to make finding services easier, and avoiding duplication of effort

We value your privacy to the highest agree work to the highest standards of confidentiality

Responsive to community needs
We tailor our work to the cultural, linguistic and other needs of our community members

Community Organizations

Aspen Family Connections works with many local organizations that provide support to families in the Roaring Fork Valley. You’ll find links to many of them here.

We are proud to work in partnership with the Aspen Education Foundation and are incredibly grateful for their support of Aspen Family Connections and the mental health needs of our school community. Click here to see their NEW Content Series.

Aspen Family Connections is funded only by grants and donations. We welcome and need any financial support and thank our many donors for their commitment to families and children in our community.  Thank you!